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This Medical Centre is a continuation of the private medical activity which has been conducted since 1990. We offer comprehensive medical services in the range of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases under the supervision of Prof. Ph.D. Ms. Krystyna Raczyńska

We are a team of university doctors of diversified specialisation. Many years of clinical experience in working with patients and students with the combination with a wide range of provided services guarantee of the highest standard of medical care.

The clinic's great location is exceptionally beneficial to children, people with disabilities, moving around in a wheelchair. The Tesco complex is equipped with free car parks, connected to a system of lifts and escalators that allow easy access to our medical offices. Tesco is located in the central district of Gdańsk namely Chełm) and has excellent access to the city public transportation (trams, buses).

You are very welcome to visit us

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